Inspiration for architects: Jason Hawkes’ aerial photography

Paul Zara, head of Conran and Partners Brighton, just brought to our attention the wonderful photography of Jason Hawkes.

Jason Hawkes

© Jason Hawkes

Is it just architects and urban designers who are fascinated by looking at the world from above? We do like to map our world, record what we see and look at it differently.  I found Jason Hawkes’ work by chance on Google and it is amazing. The world from above is a beautiful thing, cities, countryside, people playing sport or lying on the beach. Take a look around his website and see thing that take your breath away!

Wonderful stuff.


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One response to “Inspiration for architects: Jason Hawkes’ aerial photography

  1. Wow, what a great find, love it. Perfect colour combo. Love his vivid green field & pylon image too.
    I like pointing my lens down from the Pompidou Centre as there are always interesting people arranged in all sorts of configurations on the square beneath.
    Talking of photographers, a journalist friend who writes about architecture/interiors has just highlighted the broken ships photographs of She saw one of his pieces in an architects house she was writing about. They took my breath away too. Think you may like also.

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