Friday Tip: Roger Mavity’s afternoon out

This week’s Friday Tip comes straight from the top: Roger Mavity, CEO of Conran, describes his perfect London day…

My tip is this: start out at Tate Britain, and take in some of the finest art history has to offer. Then, jump on the Tate Boat, and head east along the river to the towering Bankside Power Station, home of the Tate’s younger cousin.

Tate Modern Turbine Hall

© Hans Peter Schaefer

They’ve just opened The Tanks, a huge exhibition of contemporary performance art that runs through summer, which should provide stark counterpoint of Turner’s swirling landscapes.

Then, cross the Wobbly Bridge, taking in Christopher Wren’s looming masterpiece, St Paul’s Cathedral. You can even go in, if you’d like – though, at £15 a pop last time I checked, I can’t afford to join the teeming throngs of the observant. Doesn’t God have a summer sale?

Overall, you’ll cover 500 years of European art and architecture. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon.


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One response to “Friday Tip: Roger Mavity’s afternoon out

  1. Michael

    The CEO of Conran cannot afford the £15.00 entry fee to St. Paul’s Cathedral???? Sounds like he needs a raise.

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