Conran: Terence’s gift to the future of design…

There’s been a lot of news this week surrounding Terence’s generous gift to the Design Museum: £17.5m worth of funding for the future to help it move from its much loved but cramped location here on the Thames to the Commonwealth Institute in west London.

Terence met the PM at Downing Street on Wednesday in recognition of this major act of philanthropy.

Deyan Sudjic, director of the museum, said the gift would mean exhibitions could be displayed in three times as much space.

“Terence has transformed Britain. His contribution to the way we live, eat and shop over six decades has been enormous. The gift to the Design Museum is a hugely generous investment in the future.”

We love the museum’s current location near Tower Bridge, mainly as it’s literally 30 seconds from our offices, but sadly the modernist-style former banana warehouse is just too small. 

The Design Museum: Before & After

The move 6 miles to the west should be completed by 2014. 

Terence is apparently Londoner of the day according to London24!

There’s also a great article from The Guardian here…


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