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Conran: blog from an anonymous Architect and Developer

Blog from an anonymous architect and developer

I am somewhat puzzled by David Cameron’s ideas for a new ‘Big Society’ – and I think he is too.

Does this mean that the next time we become ensnared by the bureaucracy of planners, English Heritage, lawyers and other branches of the British civil service which stop excellent projects from seeing the light of day, we simply ignore them and get on with the job – bringing employment to many thousands. Or will he still stand by the old society that still seems to be designed to see that nothing happens, beset as it is with unaffordable and frustrating delays and unreasonable requirements.

I hope he will make clear what he really means so we don’t all end up in prison.

I hope he really means to loosen the bureaucratic tight rope that is around the neck of entrepreneurial adventurers stopping many from getting on with things and making them happen in these depressing recessionary times. A lot of laws need to be abandoned or changed if this is to happen.  If people really do get on with good projects without getting the myriad of permissions required will he defend the lawbreakers to create a new society?

Let’s hope he can clarify what he really means without delay.


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