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Photo Finnish: celebrating Avotakka’s 45 years

Our (countless) Finish readers may be familiar with the Avotakka, the premier Finnish interior design magazine. Avotakka launched in December 1967, and in their inaugural issue ran a interview with a British trailblazer by the name of Terence Conran.

Avotakka Original p2

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Good enough to eat in

Are kitchens the purely functional places they once were? Jared Mankelow doesn’t think so.

Rather, as our formal rules of dining have broken down, kitchens have become social hubs, folding in the dining room and living room, too.

To that end, Conran Studio‘s Senior Product Designer has written the following piece on the evolving role of the kitchen – and what that means for kitchen design.

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Conran: Spotlight on the 3D visualisation team

Our 3D visualisation team form a key part of the Conran & Partners design team, assisting both the architects and the interior designers throughout the design process.

We think all the designers would agree that the 3D models are invaluable as they help inform and develop the design from the earliest stages.

The work comes in all shapes and sizes including simple massing studies, hidden-line renders, hand sketching and full high resolution images.

A full 'high resolution' rendering helps bring Conran & Partners idea for the new Riga Airport to life

A 'hidden line render'

The aim, says our Head of 3D Francesco Nicolardi,“Is to deliver the appropriate answer to all the different questions that the design team are continually throwing at us!”

An example of a 'massing model'


A photo montage ilustrates how a Conran & Partners designed Queens Wharf in Hammersmith might have looked

Francesco joined Conran & Partners in 2007. He is a registered Architect with more than 8 years of experience in interior design and exterior architectural visualisation and while at C&P has worked on a huge variety of projects based in London, Sheffield, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Daniel Gill joined the 3D team earlier this year after studying illustration at Falmouth College of Arts.

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Conran: Hotels of the Future / Part 2

Jane Lawrence, Interior Design Director at Conran & Partners concludes her report from her position as moderator on the debate:

Hotel 2025: Next generation design and technology – A look at the cutting edge design, technology and architecture that may find its way into your next hotel construction or renovation.

If you missed the first part read Conran: Hotels of the Future / Part 1

The idea of a hotel becoming a destination in itself rather than being seen as ‘just somewhere to sleep’ has been on the agenda for a while now with design being an important factor in the customers’ decision  making  process.

I have to cite Boundary as one such hotel that illustrates this point perfectly; here customers not only have the choice of one room style to satisfy their individual tastes, but 17.

Boundary – winner of Sleeper Magazine Hotel of the Year

Another example of this is the Park Hotel, Hyderabad, one of a number of hotels in India designed by us for the Park Hotels Group. Here our client followed the lead of the Puerta America Hotel, Madrid, involving a number of designers and architects and thereby achieving a collection of different styles and spaces. In Hyderabad we were sharing centre stage with the likes of SOM.

The watchword of the moment – sustainability – was of course mentioned and discussed with rather interesting consequences. From the hoteliers and operators feedback it seems that provenance rather than sustainability per se is foremost in customers’ expectations as people increasingly want to understand more about the origins of the food, wine and culture of the hotel and its environs.

As an aside from the conference I did get a chance to visit the Architectural Biennale.

Whilst the installations in some of the national pavilions were a little laboured a great many of the works exhibited within the old ship building workshops in the Arsenale were very inspiring, not least of all an exhibit by Transsolar & Tetsuo Kondo architects ‘Cloudscape’ . Sadly the exhibition closes on the 21st November.

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Conran and Partners are recruiting!

Two new positions are currently available within our excellent Architecture & Interiors practice, Conran & Partners.

If you’re a junior 3d modeller and visualiser or an organised and efficient team secretary or assistant looking for your next challenge as part of a friendly and creative team this could be for you.

Check out the website for more details


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Paul’s Postcard from the seaside

Some of our architectural team from Conran & Partners are lucky enough to be based in our Brighton office and not have to squash into a crowd of black clad commuters in the bowels of London Bridge station every morning like the rest of us. Now there’s a place we would like to redesign.

Paul Zara is one lucky such soul and a Director at that. He’s our correspondent from Conran & Partners and he’ll be keeping us up to date with all the happenings at ‘C&P’.

Our Architects and Interior designers have had a busy 12 months what with Boundary opening and new restaurants Lutyens and Hix wowing the Fleet Street crowd and the Selfridges shoppers respectively. But behind the scenes there are a whole host of other projects that are keeping us busy…

Here’s what Paul has to say in his first postcard from the South Coast…

The architects and interior designers at Conran & Partners are working on some amazing projects, and in a world full of gloom there are some signs of growth that can only make you optimistic.
Green Man Lane is a massive estate regeneration project bringing high quality design to over 700 new homes, affordable, shared ownership and private sale.  We are transforming West Ealing just as we did at Butlers Wharf twenty years ago.  Move there now!
We are also designing two new pavilion buildings on the waterfront in Greenwich, ready for the Olympics,
And sexy private houses like this one in Sussex (photos by Jim Stephenson, one of the Brighton possee), and another private house in the beach in Hove right next door to David Walliams, Heather Mills and Fat Boy Slim/Zoë Ball (too secret for pics).

Meanwhile over in Japan Richard Doone is still overseeing the massive Futako Tamagawa project in Tokyo.  It’s one of the world’s largest construction projects so we should be really proud.

More on that next week.

Not just any architecture, this is Conran architecture

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