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CEO Speaks: Roger Mavity talks about The Budget on BBC Radio 5

22 June, Roger Mavity

Off to the Beeb to do a post-mortem on Radio 5 Live on George Osborne’s first budget. Interviewed by the brilliant, and rather gorgeous, Victoria Derbyshire and the equally brilliant, though arguably slightly less gorgeous, Nick Cosgrove.

In the event, it seemed to me that Boy George had made a good fist of an almost impossible situation. The truth is we’ll only know over years, not minutes, if he has made the right decisions.

The real highlight was not the budget itself, but the BBC hospitality: I was kindly given a lunch which consisted of a glass of water and a Kit-Kat. So no wasteful use of the licence fee there. When I grumbled to my wife about it she said, “At least it was a four-finger Kit-Kat; after the budget cuts they’ll be down to two-finger Kit-Kats.”

Here’s the programme.

Roger is on from 4: 06: 32



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