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How do you create a range of bath and body products?

In our case it took an iconic brand (ours!), unique bottle design and branding (from Conran Studio), bespoke fragrances (from leading international fragrance house drom) and fabulous top-of-the-shop formulations, development and manufacturing know-how (from the highly experienced team at Kokomo Studio) to create our brand new Conran Bath & Body range which went on sale this month.

Not only did our range have to smell and feel good but it also had to look great too; we wanted to create something we would be proud to have on display, bottles that are beautiful objects in their own right.

Our range is inspired by the feel and forms of quintessential Kilner jars and old apothecary bottles. Robust – and elegant. The bottles look super smart and feel heavy and generous in your hand.

Will Unwin from Conran Studio working on the bottle design

An early idea for the range...

Some samples of the fragrances in spray and lotion form

One of the best jobs was choosing which scents we were going to use – what does Conran smell like ? (no answers on postcards please!). 

Fragrance testing has to be one of the most fun and fascinating ways to spend an hour’s meeting  – and also leaves the meeting room thoroughly fragrant for the next lucky user.

Did you know in order to ‘clear your nose’ when trialling lots of different fragrances that you should smell the inside of your elbow?! So the pros tell us….

The different associations people have for smells and the sensations they can evoke in people are amazing. One opinion on an early scent idea ricocheted from ‘it reminds me of going shopping when I was a kid…’ to ‘it smells like the inside of a lovely old antique wardrobe’.

All the development team liked the scents well enough (derived from fresh green steams and and oudh wood) but what did other people think? We thought we would see what the rest of the Conran building had to say about it!

Katherine from reception having a sniff...

Some buyers from The Conran Shop discussing the scents

As always with any product range once the first lot are out on the shelves it’s time to start developing the next lot. This time we are looking at introducing an element of citrus and possibly a more floral note – and maybe even a little snap of aniseed. We’ll keep you posted.

 The first two Conran bath and body ranges ‘1’ and ‘2’ are out now. 

Available online at The Conran Shop. Starting at £12.


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Conran: Sneak peak at our new Bath & Body range

We’ve been developing our brand new Conran Bath & Body range of toiletries with industry-leading partners Kokomo for around 18 months now.

That may sound like a long time but when you consider every aspect of the bottles and jars has been meticulously specified, detailed and designed by Studio Conran and developed by Conran & Company– from the custom-made pumps, to the clean, contemporary graphics, not to mention the fragrances and all-important formulations – it’s a process that’s well worth the wait. And we have not been disappointed by the end result!

We’d seen visuals, mock ups and countless renderings of the bottles from the initial range of 14 products before, but last week, when we saw the first production samples, we were bowled over; the bottles are beautifully smooth, satisfyingly heavy and generous in size and, after testing and developing the two fragrances for good part of 12 months you would think we might be bored of them by now, but no – they smelled fresher and more beautiful than ever. We can’t wait to get them in the bathroom!

We’ve just finished doing the photoshoot too so some gorgeous new imagery on it’s way!

More about this product when it launches in around 6 weeks time…

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