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Conran: Meeting up in style…

What better place to enjoy a cool glass of wine on one of the warmest, sunniest evenings of the year than the rooftop terrace of Terence Conran’s apartment.

And while you’re there why not have a nose around our building and find out a bit more about Conran?

That’s exactly what tempted 40 of the UK’s most eminent design bloggers to join us last night for the first of our blogger’s meet-up events, run in conjunction with our friends over at mydeco.com, the one-stop shop for all your design needs.

We thought it would also be a great opportunity for people to chat to our team and get the lowdown on each part of Conran, whilst having a little look around our studios.

While the team from The Conran Shop chatted to people about some of their hot new products for Spring Summer 2011, down in Studio Conran Bryony Akehurst and Katy Clarke talked the guests through the branding project they did for the healthy cake people Petit Pois and Product Designer Jared Mankelow demonstrated the design process behind our mobile phone which launched in Japan last year, sparking a very interesting discussion on the dying art of hand sketching as a useful exploratory phase at the beginning of the design process.

Interior Designer Jacqui Senior and Architect Nico Santarelli showed bloggers around our Architecture & Interiors floor, Conran & Partners talking about the breadth of interior design we have done all over the world and the massive new redevelopment project Conran & Partners have just completed in Tokyo (more next week…).

All very interesting stuff and lots of questions asked!

In Conran & Company project manager Holly-Anne Rolfe and textile designer Lâle Güralp gave the bloggers a quick tour around their office, showcasing some of the Conran branded product they help develop including brand new bedlinen designs from Bed by Conran and Conran Fine Bedlinen which are just about to hit the shops – books, colour and inspiration galore.

Plus much interest in the beautiful collection of prints of paintbrush collections which Terence bought as a book and framed years ago which have adorned the walls of the office since it was Terence’s a few years ago (he’s now just across the hallway).

There’s already been a few reports posted up there in the big, bold, blogosphere…

there’s one here at youmightlikethis.com – (thanks!)

Watch this space – we hope to have many more meet-ups in the future….enjoy the sun!




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Terence responds to Booty on Brands and shares his love affair with Monsieur Bibendum


Dear Booty Brand,

 In my opinion  Monsieur Bibendum, Michelin’s brand, is the best brand ever.  Entirely flexible and full of humour, it always looks up to date and has done over the last century. Monsieur Bibendum has always held an emotional meaning for me.  Whilst on Brands, perhaps this is the moment to express my disappointment that after working literally night and day for over a week to produce a Brand for London and finally reaching the last two, silence descended on the Mayor’s Office.  Boris silent? A small leak  indicated that we were the chosen design but nothing more – desperately unfair to the hardworking candle burning designers who were so excited about the project and as for the management, totally bemused by the lack of professionalism in the Mayor’s Office.


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Conran Columns: Booty on Brands

Every month our resident brains behind the brands Emma Booty, Head of Branding at Studio Conran, shares her thoughts and observations about the world, and how it is branded.

Brand experience and paying for lunch

Lunchtime rituals have always fascinated me. The dash from the desk has been the one constant of my working life. Soho sandwich queue days were essentially window shopping sprees in disguise, Clerkenwell was ‘provincial fayre’ and pre-pay day chips, Milan’s gastronomie conversations commenced at 11, reaching work-defying frenzy by 12.15, Tokyo  provided water-cooler warning words of global womanhood: ‘rice crackers make you fat’.

Here too at Shad Thames we are in prime location for daily feasting: Pont de la Tour’s boutique sandwiches and the next door Deli cries of ‘un altro panino signora!’ are my two current favourites. So the only way to avoid the drudge of calorie limitation is to exercise in fury: morning hors-d’oeuvres is Gymbox and a one-hour spin-circuit class with an angry ex-marine.

Gymbox breaks the mould of smug, guilt-inducing, right-on fitness clubs with their 10 metre lap pools and carpet tiles. The brand is cheeky, brash and, well, kind of annoying. The underground industrial spaces have been transformed into dramatic feuding arenas. Designed by Ben Kelly they’re reminiscent of the Haçienda-days: the columns are wrapped in black and yellow stripes, railway sleepers divide the space and an enormous boxing ring takes centre stage. Not MTV, but Rocky movies projected on the concrete walls and live DJs. This brand celebrates our vanity, modern guilt is eschewed for a cuff round the ear. And I’m now Facebook friends with Millar-the-Pillar. Even on the most vicious of early mornings it can’t help but raise a wry smile.

Gymbox is a fine example of a brand connecting successfully with its customers. A great idea that holds its shape and integrity through all points of touch. Changing room mirror vinyls remind you how sexy you look, timetables tell of Stiletto Workout classes and Jamaican street dance. The hazard colour palette and the ‘Load your guns and tighten your buns’ are a morning call to action that puts me in credit at least one cappuccino and a cream-filled brioche.

On a more beguiling note I’m off to see the flock of zebra finches at their current residency at the Barbican – winged and jamming with electric guitars and amps.


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Conran Shops Galore: At Home and Abroad!

Official launch isn’t until May but yesterday The Conran Shop New York opened the doors of its new home in the wonderful, eclectic environs of ABC Home on Broadway.

It’s already causing a splash in cyber world and hasn’t even opened officially yet!

Check out our full report from the opening including words from Terence here in a couple of weeks time.

Returning back across The Pond this Thursday 22nd April, Terence will be at The Conran Shop‘s Summer Party at our Chelsea store in Fulham Road to celebrate the launch of ‘In the fresh air’, the summer furniture and accessory collection inspired by the big skies, wonderful food and relaxed atmosphere of the Ile de Re off the west coast of France. Magnifique!

Come along and check out the exciting new product and get 10% off all purchases in-store (except our Well Considered range – that’s already too much of a bargain!)

April 22 2010 – 6.30–9.00pm

The Conran Shop, Chelsea

81 Fulham Road



If you do fancy coming along don’t forget to let us know: rsvp@conran.com. ..and tell us how many of you there will be.

Exciting news also that during the event Jasper Conran will launch his stunning new book ‘Country’ in the Library.

We have a copy of it in the office somewhere but looks like it has already ‘disappeared’ – the photographs are amazing.

There will also be demonstrations and a selection of wines and cocktails to slake your shopping thirst.

Buy selected items from ‘In the Fresh Air’ on-line at www.conranshop.co.uk

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One of our regulars: Who are we? Meet us…one by one…..

Every fortnight we will bring you the lowdown on the people that make us special; why we like them and why they work for us.

First off is Lorraine Brennan, a relatively new member of our team here at CONRAN.

Lorraine joined Conran and Company in January 2010. As Head of Business Development, Lorraine generates new licensing opportunities and new territories for Conran and Company.

Lorraine has a broad range of design and business development experience from luxury and mass market right through to the contemporary craft industry.

Prior to joining Conran Lorraine worked for Kelly Hoppen Interiors, where she headed up Buying and Merchandising as well as Product Design and Development for KHI’s licensing division.

Lorraine’s work has been exhibited by the National Museum of Ireland and has been published in numerous design journals and magazines: Taschen’s Young European Designers, The Sunday Business Post, The Irish Times, Artifact, and Blueprint.

Lorraine was appointed to the council of the Institute of Designers of Ireland in 2004 and was named as one of Ireland’s top 40 designers by Image Interiors in 2006.

Lorraine’s Design Hell:

We had worked with Lorraine previously on the Light by Conran project in 2004 and that’s why we knew she would be great (those are her legs in the picture……………the picture at the top!…and that’s her dog too)

Lorraine is currently at The Milan Furniture Fair at the end of this week and will be bringing us her report right here next week.

Follow us to see what she saw.

STOP PRESS! Terence has also promised us a little report of his own. Click back in a few days to read what he has to say.


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Studio Conran

Studio Conran is our cutting edge product and design studio full of young and trendy like-minded people reading Wired and Eye magazine and beavering away on macs with screens the size of footballers’ televisions.

Watch this video about the sort of thing they do.

In the last post we mentioned that Studio Conran had worked with world renowned designer Javier Mariscal on developing the packaging for The Conran Shop’s Well Considered collection.

Graphic designer Bryony Akehurst worked with Mariscal – next week she answers a few questions about what it was like working with the design legend



London: It’s a CONRAN place

We are passionate about London:

We live it and breathe it.

We design here.

We sell here.

We shop here.

We eat here and own places to eat here.

We think of London as our own.

We are London people.
Every Friday we will bring you a recommendation for having a great London Weekend whether it’s the latest secret art show or an insight into a must-see play.

Follow us to make sure you don’t miss out.

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