Introducing…Ten Green Bottles

In 1962, a young Terence Conran took on one of his first independent design projects. The chairman of wine merchant Harveys of Bristol, George McWatters, asked Terence’s Conran Design Group to review their entire brand. The work encompassed the look of Harveys’ shops, off-licenses, bottles, packaging, vehicle liveries and offices. Conran even created one of the world’s earliest ‘brand books’ for Harveys.

Fifty years on, history is repeating itself. We’re proud to be working with Gordon’s to bring a bit of Conran charm to their iconic green bottles. Inspired by the Conran textiles of the Sixties, we’ve crafted ten new fabric label patterns for Gordon’s, which will feature on one million bottles, available throughout the UK from October, at the standard retail price.

Additionally, 200 special edition bottles, presented in hand-stitched fabric wraps and presentation boxes, will be available from Selfridges. Each of the ten patterns cleverly incorporates a number: take pattern #6, for example:

We’ll have much more to say very soon.

EDIT: check out Terence answering questions about the collaboration here.

EDIT #2: Emma Booty, head of the Conran Studio team that produced the bottles, sent us a litter report from the star-studded launch party:

I was sure those glasses were full of water? Maybe it was something stronger if my eyes are anything to go by…

The cat’s out of the bag! After months of preparation and secrecy our work for Gordon’s Gin is now out and proud.

The press launch venue was the vault of One Marylebone – a dramatic and substantial space with each archway designated to show off the ten limited edition bottles, one per arch. Number three invited us to paint in the pattern (I may have spilt some in an unsuspecting passer’s by drink, sorry), Number ten was an aromatic recreation of Terence’s vegetable garden, number six was all of the work from the sketchbooks and tests from the past six months. The green lighting out an unhealthy tinge to our complexions but, apart from that, an exciting evening.

The top tier bottles are presented akin to high end couture: the shiny white box opens to reveal a tailored fabric-wrapped bottle with signed sample tag and limited edition print.

The main tier – that we’ll be seeing in supermarkets in the next few weeks – is the pattern behind the Gordon’s logo printed onto a textured, linen paper. All of the regular, knowing FMCG cues and rules have been abandoned for this limited run and the resulting label is crafted, tactile and intriguing in a much softer way. This simplicity is an audacious step for the UK’s leading gin brand – time will tell if consumers enjoy the authentic charm and wit?

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