Yes in my back yard

Three months after Sir Terence Conran aimed his ire at Grant Shapps’ slow progress on housing, the topic is hotting up, with George Osborne calling for ‘imaginative thinking’ around green belt development, and a general consensus that the housing shortfall has become a housing crisis.

The Conran Manifesto

Terence criticises the Coalition’s lack of progress on housing in May

One of the biggest problems in housing development – and a key reason green belt development is on the table at all – is the frequent (and understandable) opposition of local people to new housing in their area.

To assuage this, the Government is launching a new housing design competition, which will directly involve local people in planning developments – and Grant Shapps has asked Terence to judge it. It is hoped that this process will lead to housing that satisfies everyone – existing residents, those in need of housing, property developers, architects and environmental campaigners.

The task isn’t a small one, but putting some faith in intelligent design seems like a good place to start!


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