Conran Singh on Luxury: Luxury + digital

The luxury sector treads carefully when it comes to technology. Luxury designers focus on materials – brushed aluminium and leather panels – and as such digital elements, inherently material-free, are seldom included.

Is this a missed opportunity? Can luxury products be infused with digital technology, to make them all the richer? Daljit Singh thinks so.

Daljit on luxury

Daljit heads our interactive design team, Conran Singh, and is an expert in designing immersive digital experiences. He’s just written an interesting piece for Wired on the topic:

“Digital designers can create beautiful interactions, which take much crafting to produce – but they can’t compete with a Rolex watch or a Cartier brooch in having “brand-plus-material” value. What if we could create products embodying a new type of value? Perhaps a ring with a single pixel instead of a diamond, or a watch with a black face that comes alive only to tell you to slow down and smell the coffee?”

You can read the full article here. The Conran Singh team will be sharing more of their thoughts on the possibilities for digital in luxury products over the next few days. For now, check out their blog.


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