Friday Tip: We’re bad at keeping secrets

This week’s Friday Tip comes from Orla, one of Conran Studio‘s brand design team.


You may have heard of Secret Cinema, the themed pop-up cinema experience which involves a lot of dressing up and just as much fun. Last December, the team behind Secret Cinema opened a pop-up restaurant along similar lines, ingeniously titled Secret Restaurant.

For the month of June only, the Secret Restaurant is back at an undisclosed London location. A team of top restaurant folk from Noma, St John and Jardiniere have been assembled, so the grub’s almost guaranteed to be top-notch. Tickets are an eye-watering £100 a pop, but based on Secret Cinema, and the write-up the current pop-up just got from It’s Nice That, it might just be worth it.

Secret Restaurant

Image from It’s Nice That

Thanks very much to Orla. We’re never going to tell her any of our secrets, though.



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3 responses to “Friday Tip: We’re bad at keeping secrets

  1. What a brilliant idea! I love a bit of mystery & intrigue. At the risk of sounding a bit dim, how do you know where to go or it it a case of just being in the know???

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