Friday Tip: Run to the grills

Here’s a scenario for you. You spend all week looking longingly out of the window at the scorching sunshine, trying on Hawaiian shirts, and listening to the B-52’s, the taste of the grill on your lips…only for a rainy weekend to ruin your BBQ plans.

Sound familiar?

We live in a country where, sadly, contingency planning for anything we do outdoors is quite important. So we thought we’d help you out.

Here’s Sam, wordsmith for Conran Singh and former New Yorker, on the best places to get a cheap burger in London, when you can’t use your own grill.

Let’s discount, for a moment, the Hawksmoors and Pitt Cues of this world. Their food is magnificent, of course, but going to either is hardly a spur-of-the-moment decision.

The question is this: where in London can you find a stellar burger for less than 10 quid?

1. Honest Burger, Brixton Village

Honest Burger is as trendy as anywhere in Brixton Village, so expect to wait 45mins or so for a table. However, they’ll take your number, and let you go and find a drink somewhere.

When you come to eat, you’ll get a small but perfectly-former burger of prime Ginger Pig beef, served with lovely rosemary salt fries, all for about £8. The lemonade is good, too – but where are the milkshakes?

2. The Posh Banger Boys, Borough Market

Close to home at Conran, this unassuming little hole in the wall just at the edge of Borough Market is well worth a visit. For £5, they turn out a smashing beef burger slathered with molten stilton, and are more than happy to serve it red and raw in the middle. Super-friendly, too.

Posh Banger Boys

3. Meat Liquor

Stratospherically trendy, Meat Liquor’s reputation precedes it. Unfortunately, so do the queues, which often last over an hour and which they make you stand in.

Once you’re inside, and your eyes have adjusted to the dismal light, you’ll see a sparse list of American classics: fried chicken, chilli dogs, hamburgers, big, unhealthy salads, all between about £5 and £8.

Meat Liquor burger

The healthy fare of Meat Liquor

(A side note: Meat Liquor have pandered to the masses and offer a bacon cheeseburger. Order at your peril; putting bacon on a burger shows you up as a burger novice.)

Those out to impress love interests and business associates can try the Chilli Challenge: a chilli burger, chilli fries and chilli dog in the fastest time possible (the record, last time I checked, was a zippy 3:45).

The cocktails are equally good – and the barmen are competent at knocking up off-menu drinks.

So, there you have it; don’t let rain stop play.


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