Good enough to eat in

Are kitchens the purely functional places they once were? Jared Mankelow doesn’t think so.

Rather, as our formal rules of dining have broken down, kitchens have become social hubs, folding in the dining room and living room, too.

To that end, Conran Studio‘s Senior Product Designer has written the following piece on the evolving role of the kitchen – and what that means for kitchen design.

If you head down to the Chelsea branch of The Conran Shop, you can see a beautiful Bulthaup show kitchen, and find out how to go about getting your own.




2 responses to “Good enough to eat in

  1. Absolutely, kitchens should be the hub of most houses – a place for kids to do homework while absorbing the crucial elements of life such as food and how to prepare it. Balthaup kitchens would entice anyone in, lovely.

  2. Kitchens serve not only as a place where people come to have their meals but they also provide the opportunity to the family members to sit together and have nice time. To that end Bulthaup Kitchens exquisitely mix design with comfort and make a nice place to spend time at.

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