Holly’s Friday Tip: Dulwich Artists’ Open House

Once upon a time on this blog, we drew from the rich wellspring of London knowledge at Conran Towers to bring you a weekly London tip. Then we got nervous about giving away all our best secrets and stopped.

Recently we put our heads together and decided that, so long as you promise not to tell too many people, we’re willing to share once more.

So, here goes. The first of our new Friday Tips, from Holly-Anne Rolfe, Brand Development Project Manager for Conran & Company.

This weekend, I’ll be heading to Dulwich Artists’ Open House in the nick of time (this is the second of two weekends). 200 artists dotted around Dulwich are opening up their homes for the eighth year running, and showing off all kinds of art and crafts – painting, pottery, textiles, jewellery. You can find a map and guide here.

Then, if my legs will carry me,, I’ll nip into the Horniman Museum to check out the recently-opened (and free!) exhibition on body adornment.

Have a good one all!


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