Disegno Salon

Tuesday evening saw the second of the Disegno Salon events –  at Sunbury Workshops in East London hosted by founder and editor-in-chief of recently launched architecture, design and fashion magazine and website, Johanna Agerman-Ross. Launched in December, Disegno aims to encourage debate and acknowledge interplay and cross-pollination between these disciplines, with regularly updated articles and debates on the website, and a bi-annual publication featuring interviews, opinion and discussion on key events and design.

Sunbury Workshops are located in listed buildings in Shoredith – over the years the spaces have functioned as workshops for many types of craftspeople, and are now host to a variety of independent makers and designers.

The evening consisted of a tour of the working spaces by designers from a variety of disciplines – from graphic design and illustration, product and furniture designers, silversmiths and shoe makers – offering a unique insight in to the working practices of these creatives, as well as opportunities to discuss the challenges of making working as a self employed designer feasible, small scale production and the opportunities for manufacturing in the surrounding area alongside a host of other topics.

Jon Harrison discusses the work of Faudet-Harrison

Jon Harrison discusses the work of Faudet-Harrison

The first studio was a shared space with furniture and Product designers Faudet-Harrison (Jochem Faudet and Jon Harrison) and Simon Denzel. Faudet-Harrison showed furniture from the recent installation at Tracy Neuls Redchurch showroom, and spoke about their design process for this project, drawing inspiration from found objects, appropriation and happy accidents. Simon Denzel showed two concepts that he is currently working on, and talked about the manufacturing network in East London.

Tracey Neuls showroom by Faudet-Harrison

Next up was the shared studio of designers Simon Hasan, Rodrigo Solorzano and Henny van Nistleroy. Hasan and Solorzano showed work in progress, both currently working on projects that are a direct route of their RCA graduation projects – Hasan working with boiled leather, which has led to collaborations with Fendi and Solorzano discussing and showing developments of playful and creative toys.

Simon Hasan chair at Libby Sellers

Then it was on to the third studio (including small workshop space with homemade CNC)– home to product and furniture designers Alex Hulme and Felix de Pass, and graphic designer Marine Duroselle. Here, the designers discussed their working practices- how a shared studio space can aid creative thinking and discourse, and showed examples of their work – from beautifully crafted books by Marine, through to product development and manufacturing and batch production pieces.

Silversmiths Tomasz Donocik, Tina Lilienthal and Emma Madden, all with very different styles, share a studio space, a fascinating chance to see a traditionally set up jewellery workshop, with cut out workbenches with aprons.

Workbench set up at the silversmiths studio

Workbench set up at the silversmiths studio

The last stop was the studio of shoe designer Sebastian Tarek, and illustrator Clara Lacy. Sebastian talked about the process of making bespoke shoes, the decline in traditional skills for certain processes, and showed examples of his work. The graphic design for his brand was created by studio mate Clara Lacy, who talked about her practice and showed examples of her beautifully detailed illustrations.

Sebastian Tarek's beautiful bespoke footwear

Sebastian Tarek's beautiful bespoke footwear

Sebastian Tarek’s beautiful handmade shoes

Then, of course, chance to share a drink and have discussion with the designers and attendees! Disegno are planning regular Salon events, next month sees the launch of the magazine at the Stockholm furniture fair, and the March Salon will be a film screening of Gary Hustwit’s Urbanized. For more details of these and upcoming events, go to www.disegnomagazine.com/salon


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