Our favourite gifts for Christmas: what a performance!

Last week our store in Fulham Road played host to a surreal piece of performance art inspired by the circuit board/wiring theme of their windows – (inspired in turn by the award-winning Plumen light bulb).

It was created by film maker and costume designer Lucy Butler, with Jo Stobbs playing the mysterious and mischief-making piece of wiring.

Here are some photos of Jo doing the performance art in the Chelsea windows.  

The display itself looks suitably fabulous – with all our favourite Christmas gift ideas dotted in amongst the bright red wiring- the instantly recognisable Plumen lightbulbs rising up like triffids at varying points around the grid.
And ooh – is that some of the brand new Conran Bath & Body range we can spy down there at the bottom…?!

View our Christmas gift guide here:  http://www.conranshop.co.uk/christmas-by-Design/

Read more about Jo’s performance here on the Conran Shop blog.

Look at that amazing Plumen light bulb tree!


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