What Conran saw: LDF 2011 Part 2

More from our teams on their LDF 2011 travels. Alice Walsh from Conran & Company had a good run around! If you missed part 1 click here

Mind over Matter at Kemistry gallery on Charlotte Road in east London was one of my fave spots. The exhibition brings together a collection oforiginal material and notes from Alan Fletcher’s archive, documenting thirty or so years of attentive curiosity. A small space but I found myself there for a good hour perusing the sketches filling the walls. Definitely worth a look. 

Another favourite was ANOTHER COUNTRY at design junction – beautifully simple well made furniture with a real material honesty – yum – I want it all.

Also here are some pictures of Moooi Mermaids at the Dock. Check out the film here too…

Some of the other members of the team were out west:

If you want to see what happens when you leave ten London-based designers inside an empty factory in the Dutch countryside for a week then check out these pics from this lovely exhibition from okaystudio at ‘The Garage’ sandwiched between Mint and Few & Far just off Brompton Road. Interesting, ingenious. Particularly love the very useful looking circular take on the bobby trolley.

Great summing up here on Design Milk: http://design-milk.com/ldf-2011-okay-studio-arco/#ixzz1a5uQoNKT

 And a team favourite here from Nobrow Gallery on Great Eastern Street- an exhibition called Masks by Ben Newman – amazing geometric and brightly designed prints inspired by ceremonial masks from all over the world.        



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