Conran: Our Brighton ‘Pin Up’

As the saying goes: It’s good to talk. Jamie Campbell from Conran & Partner’s Brighton office gives us an insight into some valuable ‘time out’ from the computer screen which is paying off in spades…

For the last couple of months the Brighton Office of Conran and Partners have been getting together once every few weeks to share expertise and present the projects that their teams have been working on.  We’re calling it ‘pin up’. It’s really an informal approach to presenting and discussing projects. The aim is to share expertise across the team and enrich the different projects presented. The discussions often lead to interesting avenues of thought or the discovery of exciting precedents that inform the project. 

There are usually 14 people, including interior designers, architects, directors, Part 1’s and 2’s. The mix of experience and enthusiasm really shines through when we all get together and the informal approach makes for a relaxed atmosphere.

Usually we are all busy getting on with our different projects but it’s really important that once a month we get together to sit and chat about the work we are doing. We are a studio not an office after all! And it’s a good way of showing the work we are all doing has a bigger place in the greater scheme of the office and of Conran as a whole. 

It’s easy to get buried under piles of paperwork and waylaid by an inbox stacking up with unread emails but once in a while things like this prove the best thing to do is sit down (maybe even with a nice cup of tea) and have a good chinwag. 


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