Conran: Who knew SALE signs could be so chic?

Studio Conran have just designed some fab new in-store graphics for The Conran Shop sale….no horrible standard SALE signs for us….

Graphic Designer Orla McAvinue explains…


What was the inspiration behind the designs?
The inspiration for the campaign takes cues from Russian Constructivism. Our aim was to create an eye-catching, bold campaign for the stores that would really stand out, be owned by Conran, and differentiate the in store experience from our competitors. From a practical point of view, it was important that the designs were adaptable and effective in terms of guiding our customers through each stores.  A bespoke set of collateral was produced for each store highlighting specific products and displays throughout the customer journey.

What do you like about the original artworks
One of the main characteristics of Constructivism was a total commitment to modernity. Art was typically very abstract, with an emphasis on geometric shapes and experimentation. Constructivist art was optimistic, favouring objective, universal forms. It was often message driven, with iconic typography and a limited colour palette of reds, blacks and whites.

What do you like about working with The Conran Shop?
Because we both understand the Conran brand so well, our vision for each project often tends to align naturally, anchored by the unique Conran personality. It is also fantastic to work with a team who have a huge amount of creativity and innate love of good design!     


Find out more about the branding work we do at


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