Conran: Something for a London weekend: Ready, Steady…Pedal!

One of the favourite events of the year for many of our bicycling-obsessed members of staff is the London Nocturne – when Smithfield market becomes an open air velodrome packed with excited contestants, spectators and the odd brave action photographer.

The highlight of the afternoon is the folding bike race – after a 30m sprint contestants, many of whom are suited and booted true commuter-style, must build their bikes as fast as possible before setting off on a 5 lap dash around the streets.

With 77 competitors currently registered for this year’s race it promises to be well worth a visit – the winner gets an impressive Kansi 9 Twenty.

With fixed gear skid races, team challenges and even a penny farthing race there is something for everyone.

Here’s a video of the beginning of last year’s exciting commuter-dash just to wet the appetite.


If you fancy something a bit more farcical you can always check out the London Naked Bike ride that’s also happening in the capital tomorrow. Let’s hope the weather stays suitably clement!


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