Conran: Clerkenwell Design Week Part 2: Conran & Company take a look around…

The team from Conran & Company took a quick break from working flat out on our new Conran branded range for M&S to take a look around last week’s shows and exhibitions at Clerkenwell Design Week.

A quick whirlwind tour of rainy Clerkenwell last Thursday saw us scampering from venue to venue sheltering from the rain. God bless the estate agents handing out free umbrellas…you can never be too clever with a marketing initiative….

It’s always great to see Russel Pinch’s  beautifully and deceptively simple looking products in the flesh, as we did at The Farmiloe Building.

The cabinet has been a favourite for a long while but we were delighted also to see this new addition to the Pinch range – a stunning almost shaker style take on a dressing table – the Iona Cheval mirror.

It’s great to see the Farmiloe Building opened up again full of established and some budding new talent – and lovely to see those beautiful chairs from Bodging Milano again – we loved this one with webbing by William Warren.

A definite highlight was The House of Detention, the old Victorian Prison at the north boundary of Clerkenwell. An atmospheric – if slightly damp – venue for an eclectic mix of designs.

We loved the elegant simplicity of Young and Norgate’s bedside table and the interesting re-use of materials evident in Made in Peckham’s furniture.


It was quite bizarre to see all these designs confined to small cells – it put us in mind of the excellent viral marketing film from The Conran Shop ‘Free Range’, in which a maverick campaigner for design sets free some Anglepoise lights which are being battery farmed – check it out here on YouTube.

In between we popped into The Crafts Central out of the rain and into Creature Collective by Supafrank – an interesting showcase of interior products and illustrations inspired by curiosities from nature. 

The best part was seeing the workings of the collective displayed outside the exhibition room. We just loved these colour testers on wood. Hmm…we feel a textile print coming on….

More about this exhibition here…

After all that rain dodging it was a welcome relief to seek refuge (and a bit of light refreshment!) at milliken who were hosting ‘Design Crimes’ – a light-hearted design debate hosted by Max Fraser looking at the most offensive specimens in the design world – more about that next week- some hilarious choices – most of which we wholeheartedly agree with!…


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