Conran: Slumbering sweetly this summer

It’s all change for summer in the windows of our offices here in Shad Thames.

We are still keeping one of our wonderful Conran iPod docks to add a bit of ambience to our reception space but have installed some of our gorgeous new Conran branded bedlinen designs interspersed with fresh herbs (from Terence’s garden) that are well known to help you slumber sweetly. 

Bed by Conran is our design-led range of prints, weaves, appliqués and embroideries and Conran Fine Linen is our high thread-count, classically tailored, premium range inspired by exquisite hotels in beautiful places around the world.

The lovely fresh lemon balm has come straight from Terence’s house in the country – delivered just this morning!

Although not as well known as other herbs, give the leaves a rub and feel the pungent lemony-scent start helping to relieve tension. Used since the seventeenth century this herb is great for helping to relieve stress and anxiety, which in turn helps people to sleep better! 

In the background is ‘Berwick’ from Bed by Conran inspired by vintage flags and fabrics from Berwick Street in London.

The Lavender (shown here next to our delicate ‘Broadway‘ design) has been lovingly grown in generous terracotta pots on the balconies on the top floors of our building – this gorgeous Spanish variety is the first to flower this summer and is a well-known aid to restful sleep.

Lovely. Here’s a photo of ‘Riga’  – one of our new embroidered bedlinen designs based on a sketch by Terence  – and one of our illustrated silk cushions, featuring buildings from the cities that inspired the bedlinen designs…

Here’s a close up of ‘Palermo’ – our gorgeous new fine bedlinen with woven charcoal grey border.

Read more about the new designs here..       

Bed by Conran is available at House of Fraser

Conran Fine Linen is available at The Conran Shop and John Lewis


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