Conran: Design Heaven & Hell: Textile Designer Lale Guralp

Another of our semi-regular columns today – and back on the designs we love…and those we loathe.

Today Textile Designer Lale Guralp from Conran & Company shares her choices…

Hell – Sauna pants. Although the design of ‘one size fits all’ and the direction of the segments show this product has been considered more carefully than you might imagine for such a gimmick, I fear one would not feel nor look one’s best in a pair of these. Despite it being a nice idea I think the ONLY way to ‘reduce waist, tummy, hips and thighs’ is exercise and good healthy food! Swimming in them might prove interesting too!”

We also couldn’t resist her second choice for ‘most disliked’ – this vase made from…er…flip flops..Flip flop vase – wrong. At least one is able to easily wheel it around the table… or out of sight!”

However, on the positive side of things – causing a riot in the office is the Lippi Selk Suitshe’s just had delivered to the office. This ‘sleeping bag in the shape of a man’ is practical yet intrinsically amusing. We are not sure if Terence’s dictum of ‘Good Design should make you smile’ might be pushing it a bit for serious inclusion, but it’s worth drawing the parallel! 

“Seriously though, it’s light and really, really warm. Plus there are flaps so you won’t overheat!” Good to know.

Here she is modelling the small/medium version. 

After a rather jokey entry from this talented young lady we felt obliged to dig a little deeper into her more serious passions and inspirations so we got her to write a post about her most inspirational places in London – keep an eye out for it next week.

Right now she’s about to catch a plane to India with Brand Development Director Jill Webb, to have a look at the latest developments on some of our textiles for the Conran/M&S project – she’s promised us a little report from there too so watch this space!


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