Conran: Around Town: Drawing the River Thames

We are loving the theme for this year’s Association of Illustrators prize: The River Thames.

As riverside workers ourselves it’s always interesting to see different visual representations of the lifeblood of our capital.

We particularly like the witty and hand-drawn piece by 3rd prize winner Liz Rowland, depicting famous London landmarks sitting down to dinner around a table. Looks like a tasty meal of London buses and black cabs!

In geographical terms our building would be right there on the end between the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, although its arguable 22 Shad Thames isn’t quite in the same league of fame as the rest! However, one of our ‘Did you know?’ facts is that our building was originally designed and built for prestigious cutlery designer David Mellor before we moved in in the 90s.

Talking illustration, here is one of Conran HQ by David Bray which we have had up in reception now for a couple of years. You might be able to guess who that is at the top…

You can check out the rest of the competition’s winning entries at London’s Transport Museum until the 3rd June.

Click here for more info


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