Conran: Something for the weekend…

We may have seen the last of the sun for a while so this weekend might just be the perfect opportunity for catching up with some culture around the capital.

Whenever we try and distill the essence of ‘What is Conran’ we are invariably drawn back to the things that have had a major influence on Terence over the years.

As eclectic as the projects we work on they range from everything from engineering to bauhaus, French markets, Indian crafts and butterflies to life below stairs in grand British stately homes.

A key influence in Terence’s design history is the Art Deco movement which has inspired him in many developments from ceramics to pillowcases.

'Deco' from the Bed by Conran range

If you’re a fan too and fancy perusing a selection of original Deco objects from the 1920s head down to Eltham Palace this weekend for the Art Deco fair where stalls will be selling everything from jewellery to furniture. While you’re there have a look around the building itself, it’s among the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in the UK. 

Check out all the details here


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