Conran: Sunrise to Sunset at The Conran Shop

The weather might have taken a bit of a turn for the worse but over at The Conran Shop Summer has definitely arrived!

The windows of the London, Paris and Japanese stores are showcasing a series of outdoor rooms with a ‘Sunrise to Sunset’ theme from breakfast through to evening drinks with morning and evening birdsong playing in each zone.

A sculptural form constructed of wooden slats snakes through the windows creating outdoor areas and a play of light revealing different colour combinations from warm oranges and reds through to cool blues and whites.

The windows will be in all Conran Shop stores until 3rd June.

The Conran Shop head of visual, Betsy Smith created these fab installations.

“Our outdoor collection is so diverse and I wanted to highlight this by grouping colours together to create maximum impact starting with orange at the beginning of the day moving to dark blues and purples.”

A shopping trip guaranteed to brighten up even the cloudiest of May days.

Visit the Conran Shop website:


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