Conran: Thanks to all those bloggers out there…

You might have read in our last post about the fabulous event we had here at our Head Office – well, in Terence’s apartment to be exact -last week;  a chance for the great and good from the design bloggers community to come and meet us all to see what we do.

Check out what some of these lovely people had to say about it! Thanks All!

Also, a great way to see more photos of our beautiful building (and staff…!)

Keep a look out for ‘meet-up no.2’!

Read about it and see more pictures on…

Angel & Blume

Better Living through design


What Katie does

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Fabric of my life (more coming soon!)

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3 responses to “Conran: Thanks to all those bloggers out there…

  1. Victoria Harrison

    It was a great event! Brilliant to get to see behind the scenes and what a lovely sunny evening to admire the London skyline views from the balcony.
    There are more photos up on my blog Style Made Simple

  2. Wonderful image at the top. I dropped by to admire you new website design and Blog. It looks very clean and the images speak for themselves. I just posted a photo of myself speaking with Sir Terence, on my website, when I had the wonderful opportunity to meet him at your amazing HQ and I enjoyed taking a peek at the library! Judith

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