Conran: Meet the team: Architect Simon Kincaid

Here’s the latest introduction to our team here at Conran…

Simon Kincaid is the first of our architects from Conran & Partners to be featured.

Thanks very much Simon!

What do you do at Conran?

I am an associate at Conran&Partners working on both Architectural and Interior Design projects.

What were you doing before you joined Conran?

Working in London since graduating in 2000.  I have spent time working with a leading branding and retail design consultancy as well as a top restaurant design specialist.  During this time I have designed and seen through to completion interior environments for both high-street and luxury brands.

What do you love about your job?

Applying creative ideas then seeing the end results being experienced and enjoyed by clients, customers or guests.  It is this satisfaction of seeing a design brief come to life, sometimes in short period of time, that gives me the most pleasure.

What do you like about working at Conran?

For me it is the diversity of design brief and opportunity to travel that I like so much about working at Conran.  For example I have been fortunate enough to work on Residences from Kuala Lumpur to Ibiza, Restaurants from Hong Kong to Hyderabad and Shops from Milan to New York.

Regent Residences, Kuala Lumpur

The Conran Shop, Rinascente, Milan

Park Hotel Hyderabad

What is your favourite project you have worked on at Conran&Partners?

I do have a soft spot for the Conran Shop project in New York as working for our sister company on a project located on Broadway with a tight programme and a real positive team made for a great experience.   However my favourite project is the Zen restaurant at the Park Hotel in Kolkata India.  We have been involved in the full refurbishment of this city centre Hotel and the Asian Fusion restaurant was one of the first areas to be constructed.  The design changed very little from our first proposals and the screens, lighting, finishes and open kitchen create a wonderful ambience which I am very proud of.

Park Hotel Kolkata

What are you interested in now?

I have an ongoing interest in the crossover between different project types; residential with hospitality or mixing retail and leisure.  This trend for blurring the line between these is becoming the norm:  high-end residences with room service, restaurants with guest rooms and environments where you’re not sure if it’s a café or shop are examples;  I’m thinking about what’s next………………

Find out more about these projects and more of our architectural and interior design work on the Conran & Partners website.


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One response to “Conran: Meet the team: Architect Simon Kincaid

  1. Arnav Mukherjee

    Hi Simon,

    This Arnav Mukherjee (Project Architect at The Park,Kolkata India.) How are you doing? I am sorry for not being in touch with you since long as i really got busy managing my front after i left Park. Well i am associated with an architectural firm in mumbai called Soyuz Talib Architects and enjoying the free lines of design in life.

    Please noted my email and keep in touch.


    Arnav Mukherjee
    +91 98364 66770

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