Conran: Do we really want to live in a country that doesn’t make anything?

Tuesday saw the arrival of another film crew here at Shad Thames to film Terence and his wise words.

This time it was the BBC to get Terence’s thoughts on something very close to his heart – manufacturing in the UK.

“Do we really want to live in a country that doesn’t make anything?”

Terence talks about Manufacturing in the UK

See what he has to say here – around the 28 min 45 secs mark!**

**Sadly iPlayer only lasts for a few days so we can’t see him in anymore…!

In a nut-shell Terence believes very strongly that we can’t just be a country of Service Industries – we must continue to make things too. Something he puts into practice whenever possible – not in the least when it comes to making furniture – with his UK furniture makers Benchmark

His comments were part of a report on the Design of the Year award at The Design Museum just around the corner from our Head Office. The winner was announced yesterday – with the Plumen energy saving light bulb scooping the top prize.

Read more about the Design of the Year exhibition right here next week…plus we are hoping to get some comments from Sam Wilkinson, the bulb’s designer… watch this space.


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One response to “Conran: Do we really want to live in a country that doesn’t make anything?

  1. Yes, I couldn’t agree more. We must manufacture here in UK for so many reasons. I have recently been looking for a mill to weave and print some textiles and I made it a priority not only to design here in Scotland but also to manufacture locally too. Luckily there are still some wonderful mills left and if you look at their client list, they are manufacturing for designers from New York to Tokyo because their quality is unsurpassed. We don’t seem to be so good at marketing this potential as it took me 3 months to find the mill that I will be using but now I have discovered it, the possibilities are endless and the quality is staggering. Yes, they cost more but I for one would prefer to buy less but buy quality and get back to high standards with great durability rather than this throw away mentally so many people adopt. Thanks for showing the clip, rant over!

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