Conran: What’s going on in the Conran windows..?

There’s usually something of interest going on in the large, airy reception space at our Head Office here in Shad Thames.

Whether it’s fully made up beds to promote new designs from our Bed by Conran bedlinen collection or a window full of fresh, flowering plants and shrubs to highlight Terence’s PLANTING and Eco House books, we always like to do something to inspire clients, staff, guests and passers-by – showing everyone what we have been up to.

This time it’s the turn of our exciting new iPod dock, the first product in the Conran Audio range.

As well as looking great – unsuprisingly they sound pretty good too. Developed with industry leaders Armour Home Electronics the docks have fabulous sound quality and a load of user-friendly settings including a magnetic remote control (so you’ll never lose it again!), Bluetooth streaming and a pivoting cradle allowing both portrait and landscape screen options.

The docks and packaging were designed by Studio Conran. Cute speech bubbles containing each of the dock’s easy-to-use characteristics are a feature of the box.

We thought we would blow these bubbles up – so to speak- and have them on our windows – above a shelf of docks and their carry-case boxes.

Of course we had to actually play something on these fabulous docks – and who best to choose than people from our very own building!

Three brave souls stepped forward to showcase their musical talents; Josh Beach, Head of Conran Contracts – a bit of a whizz on the ivories; Tania Betley, from The Conran Shop – and her band, Austin; and Conran Holdings Financial Director Joshua Mwatsama – who’s likely to be spinning decks as a DJ when he’s not getting stuck into spreadsheets…

Find out more about their music…

If you like the look of the dock you can buy one here or feel free to pop by and check out the sound quality for yourself! Conran, 22 Shad Thames, London SE1 2YU


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