Conran: Notes from Ambiente

Trade show season again! Here are some thoughts and favourite things seen at Ambiente in Frankfurt from Wolfgang Zender and Afshin Mehin, product designers from Studio Conran

Wolfgang’s choices: Fold up bucket

The best thing about going to a fair is to find something which has been done a thousand times, but then you see it done better. It seems very obvious – it is easy to collapse and takes up no space at all.

Airtight canister by Jia inc

At first glance you mistake it for just another storage container with the usual silicone lid.

Taking it into your hands you discover a product with a nice finish, nice shape and an unusual material: Terracotta.

It is nice to see such an old material being used in a modern context.

Afshin’s choices…

There were a lot of great things to see at the fair but  a couple of pieces that stayed with me were:

A collection for Rosenthal called Papyrus that had a really elegant surface texture that was inspired by a rolled up strip of paper.  It was nice how the texture of the pages create a nice sense of movement and lightness within each of the objects.

On a more light hearted note, Menu did a very entertaining wobbling and rolling salt and pepper shaker that made passing the salt a lot more fun. The way they rocked back and forth was quite delightful and it was nice that the objects themselves were quite visually paired down.


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