Conran: Pick of the month and a vintage ‘something for the weekend’

This month’s quick staff pick: a little piece of architectural inspiration from Conran & Partners 3d visualiser Daniel Gill.

My pick of the week is this striking micro home in Japan and is an amazing example of efficient design for small-space living.

Designed by Tokyo-based Atelier Tekuto, the faceted three-story home is located on a small corner lot near the center of Tokyo.

Abstractly titled “Reflection of Mineral“, the home is a study in small spaces, simple finishes, and day lighting through the use of transparent and opaque surfaces that suffuse the interior with light.

It could just be the camera lens but it has an amazing ‘tardis’ like quality!

Read more about the work of the Conran 3d visualisation team here

Fancy some vintage this weekend? Head to the London Vintage Fashion, Textiles & Accessories fair – you might even pick up an original Conran artefact or two…


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