Conran: Design Heaven and Hell – Pia Munden of mydeco

Here’s the next in our Design Heaven and Hell column – where the great and good of the design world tell us about their loves and loathes from the back catalogue of design.

Pia Munden is the Design Director of, the one-stop destination website for the home, where you can design your own room in 3d, get design tips from professionals and shop for product all in one go…

As Design Director, Pia works with the mydeco community encouraging and supporting them to create 3D rooms and moodboards to inspire others with their own homes.

The best part of her job, she says, is seeing the variety of creative content out there from people who love design for design’s sake…

More about mydeco next week – here are her choices.

Hell – Louis Ghost chair  – It’s over used and over seen. Show me it again in 10 years and I may change my mind.  They have become a symbol of a time, which in itself is good but on the other side it is a shame as it’s a clever chair – looks good and has an innovative design – inspiration from 18th century French furniture crossed with modern materials –  but sadly for me, I just don’t want to see another.  I would rather see its predecessor La Marie.

(She would rather see one of these…)

Heaven – Original BTC Hector Dome Lamp – A modern classic that works in every interior style – it’s as good in a study or a bedroom whether belonging to an adult or kids.  Generally a great all rounder.  The product is simple, clean and well designed.  The materials are good quality and made to last, and I do love the bone china shade and cotton braid flex – if only I could get the flex in different colours!

What do you think?


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One response to “Conran: Design Heaven and Hell – Pia Munden of mydeco

  1. Ah, my heaven/hell too but I would need to add Castiglioni’s toio to my heaven list too.

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