Conran: Spotlight on the 3D visualisation team

Our 3D visualisation team form a key part of the Conran & Partners design team, assisting both the architects and the interior designers throughout the design process.

We think all the designers would agree that the 3D models are invaluable as they help inform and develop the design from the earliest stages.

The work comes in all shapes and sizes including simple massing studies, hidden-line renders, hand sketching and full high resolution images.

A full 'high resolution' rendering helps bring Conran & Partners idea for the new Riga Airport to life

A 'hidden line render'

The aim, says our Head of 3D Francesco Nicolardi,“Is to deliver the appropriate answer to all the different questions that the design team are continually throwing at us!”

An example of a 'massing model'


A photo montage ilustrates how a Conran & Partners designed Queens Wharf in Hammersmith might have looked

Francesco joined Conran & Partners in 2007. He is a registered Architect with more than 8 years of experience in interior design and exterior architectural visualisation and while at C&P has worked on a huge variety of projects based in London, Sheffield, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Daniel Gill joined the 3D team earlier this year after studying illustration at Falmouth College of Arts.


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