Conran: The Art of Pitching

Part of any design process in business is pitching for, and winning, projects – and who better to pass on some tricks of the trade than our own CEO Roger Mavity, Author of ‘Life’s a Pitch’

We thought it might be fun but also enormously beneficial for our team to learn a bit more about this persuasive art, so last Tuesday night we gathered in Terence’s Apartment here at 22 Shad Thames to see how it’s done.

After a very engaging presentation from Roger names were put into a hat and we were split into teams and assigned a topic to get our teeth into on which to base our pitch.

Here’s a taster of the topics the teams were given…


The best place for a Brit to go on holiday is Britain

The better technology becomes the worse communication becomes

Sport is being ruined because there is too much money in it

Good transport in London depends on getting everyone on their bike

The follow up ‘Presenting the pitches’ takes place on November 15th. So watch this space to see who wins and a full report!

If you want to know more about the book click here to see an interview with Roger and co-author Steven Bayley.


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