Conran: Helping to create a ‘Home from Home’ with charity CLIC Sargent

Conran & Partners has been working with CLIC Sargent for the last year on its new London project, Paul’s House, which opened for families this September.

CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and young people and Paul’s House is a row of heritage listed terraces with a difference – it’s a ‘Home from Home’ providing free accommodation for families of children and young people having treatment for cancer and leukaemia in London.

The charity contacted us to see if we would like to be involved in designing the interiors of their new residence and, eagerly, we said yes!

The idea was to knock together several existing terraces to form one large shared house with a series of bedrooms connected to communal areas such as kitchens, play areas and TV rooms.

We agreed to focus primarily on the common areas of the houses, and as part of our role we specified all furniture, fittings and finishes in our allocated rooms, while the base building architect took care of the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The challenges involved in working on a project like this is to create a feeling of personality and ‘home’ comfort in a communal space while being ever mindful of the need for robust, affordable furnishings.

Together with a great team at CLIC Sargent, especially the diligent Project Manager Anna Kendall, we brought the project to fruition. We are all happy that we have created a peaceful environment where families can easily relax together.

Travelling to and from hospital while your child has cancer treatment can be exhausting and expensive, particularly in London. Paul’s House is located just one minute’s walk from University College Hospital, so families will no longer have to make long journeys to and from the hospital when their child is having treatment. It also provides an alternative for those who chose to sleep at hospital to remain close to their child.

Paul’s House is open now and if you’d like to contribute to this very worthwhile charity please visit


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