Conran: Sneak Peak: New CONRAN AUDIO iPod dock.

The team here from Conran & Company are constantly working on developing new CONRAN branded products from furniture to bedlinen, towels to tablecloths, coffee pots to eyewear.

There are quite a few new exciting products in the pipeline and here’s one of the latest – the first product in the CONRAN AUDIO range – an iPod dock, due in store in February 2011.

If you are a technie then brace yourself: it’s got high quality audio engineered by Q Acoustics and features two 75mm bass/mid drivers plus a pair of 30mm tweeters and can deliver a total of 30 watts of power. Phew.

So it’s basically a very good sound system but because it’s Conran and been designed by Studio Conran it’s been deliberately conceived to be different from all other iPod docks – the focus is on incredibly stylish and yet understated design, offering a elegant alternative for a relaxed living space.

It can play audio wirelessly via Bluetooth so, as Terence puts it: “you can select songs from the comfort of an armchair, or, if it’s your thing whilst dancing around the room…”

The dock assembly rotates, so video on iPhones and iPod Touches can be watched in landscape mode while listening to the Speaker Dock. It also has six preset equaliser settings which each suit different types of music and comes with its own remote control that cleverly fits into a magnetic recess in the side of the dock meaning you should never lose the remote down the side of the aforementionned armchair ever again…

Read more about it

The CONRAN AUDIO I-dock is compatible with all iPods and will be available in the shops and online from February 2011…



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2 responses to “Conran: Sneak Peak: New CONRAN AUDIO iPod dock.

  1. Wow looks great…when can I have one???

  2. …February 2011! Will keep you posted…

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