Conran Columns: Design Heaven and Design Hell: Paul Zara

This time it’s the turn of architectural director Paul Zara from Conran and Partners to tell us his idea of the best and worst in the world of design. Rather an aeronautical themed one this.

Paul works down in our Brighton office and is always busy organising talks and various other exciting things like Brightbuild and even helping out with site specific theatre pieces…

Design Heaven

The miracle of the 20th century was flight.  From the Wright Brothers to Concorde in the blink of an eye. From staring at the moon to standing on the moon.  It’s almost unbelievable that we managed to reduce the time from the UK to New York from 6 days to just over three hours.  Concorde was and is a beautiful thing and should never have been grounded. Classic cars are cherished and preserved.  The Concordes have been left to rot or sulk in the corner of hangers around the world.  They were design at its peak.

Design Hell

Ryanair make flying miserable.  I have flown with them once and never again. Cheap yes. Joyless yes.  No customer service. A flight where the tannoy is permanently on bellowing sales of lottery tickets, expensive snacks and drinks.  Then landing in airports nowhere near anywhere with no facilities. Luggage dumped in a pile.  Help yourself.  Flying at its lowest common denominator.  Democratic maybe. Design?  Nowhere to be seen. How have we come to this? I would rather stay at home.

Paul Zara

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