Conran: More from the London Design Festival 2010

With the mammoth exhibitions in town stealing much of the limelight over the main weekend of this year’s London Design Festival we thought we would have a look at what was going on at some of the smaller venues around the capital…

Contemporary furniture retailer The Lollipop Shoppe invited 11 designers to create public benches which were on show throughout Spitalfields Market.

The results of this project showcased different approaches to the brief, with Michael Marriot and Anthony Burrill’s ‘Heavy Metal Bench’ featuring cut out text, Felix de Pass’ ‘A-bench’ made of mirrored oak and folded steel components and Decode/VW + BS’ ‘Solid Shell’, concrete based wire framed seats.

As with a lot of public spaces, there isn’t a great deal of public seating so it was great to see the majority of the benches were in use, with the very different solutions to the brief enhancing the area both visually and practically.

As if we needed any encouragement to see down and enjoy a nice cuppa.

Norwegian Prototypes

Norwegian Prototypes is the brainchild of Kim Thome and Amy Hunting. 12 Norwegian designers were given a brief to ‘design something that fits in your hand luggage’.

With this fantastic brief the designers responded in a wide variety of ways, a lot of them concerned with the potential offered by the idea of  expansion –  such as  Kim Thomes’ ‘Wardobe in the suitcase’ an expanding fabric wardrobe, which utilises a scissor mechanism to produce a wardrobe six times the size of the suitcase, and  ‘Little big Lamp’ by Hallgeir Homstvedt, a fabric lamp where the construction has been based on photographic light reflectors, allowing the fabric lamp to fit into a 40cm square box for transport, and expanding to a diameter of 130cm when unpacked.

Other designers participating included Oscar Narud, Amy Hunting, Stokke Austad and Sara Polmer.

ACNE at Liberty

Best known for jeans, Swedish brand ACNE launched their first collection of furniture with Liberty last week. Five sofas are available exclusively from the store.

The starting point for the project was Swedish designer Carl Malmsten’s Nya Berlin sofa, which Jonny Johansson, creative director of ACNE utilised in order to come up with the collection.

The resulting sofas are sensual, asymmetric forms, available in denim upholstery (by Kvadrat), alongside one in Liberty floral print.

Thanks to Jess Corteen from Conran & Company for the words and images!


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