Conran: At the Earth Awards

There was a strong Conran presence at this year’s Earth Awards, held last Friday in the ornate surroundings of Marlborough House off the Mall, with Terence, Conran Holdings CEO Roger Mavity and Sean Sutcliffe from Benchmark Furniture on the podium in discussion with the Financial Times architecture critic, Edwin Heathcote.

Partnering with the FT Summit: Investing in Innovative Design and Technology, the Earth Awards is a platform for consumer-driven ideas that challenge designers and innovators to build a new economy. Its aim is to identify viable designs which have the potential to improve our quality of life and build a new economy.

So it was a perfect stage for Roger, Sean and Terence to talk to an audience of delegates and opinion formers from all over the world about Conran and Benchmark’s involvement in sustainable design solutions.

Terence spoke passionately about preserving beautiful old buildings and breathing new life in to them, something that Conran & Partners have significant experience of including Boundary, the Bluebird, Embassy Court, Butlers Wharf and the Design Museum.

Roger gave a passionate yet witty key note address, encouraging people to redesign the way we live our lives while Sean talked of Benchmark’s contribution to rural communities and importance of using sustainable wood in furniture making.

He concluded with a quote from Frank Lloyd Wright:

“The best friend of earth of man is the tree. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on the earth.”

Read more about Benchmark’s excellent work on their blog



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