Conran: Conran Octopus and the Leon 2 Cookbook

Did you know we also publish books?

Conran Octopus was founded by Terence and Paul Hamlyn to publish cutting-edge books of the very highest quality in both content and design.

They publish loads of cool books including the fabulous Leon cookbooks…and if you’ve exhausted all the delicious recipes in the first one then have no fear as Leon 2 is on its way!

To celebrate the launch Conran Octopus have devised a special event called Leon 2 and the Giant Drawer of Wishes.

Sounds amazing! But what is it?

In the new Leon cookbook there is a section devoted to the chest of drawers in the Leon at Ludgate, which over the years has been spontaneously filled up with the wishes of people who eat there. This inspired us to create a unique event for the launch of the new book (taking place on 15th September) where we will make somebody’s wish come true.

Click here for more details on how to make a wish!

Leon 2 – Naturally Fast Food cookbook published by Conran Octopus on 6th September.



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2 responses to “Conran: Conran Octopus and the Leon 2 Cookbook

  1. Hi guys and gals, your link on how to make a wish seems to be broken.

  2. ah yes – sorry about that. Looks like we may just have missed out this time. As the event is on 15th Sept they need some time to make those wishes come true! keep watching for next time!

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