Conran: Azhar on Architecture

Here is Azhar, Director at Conran & Partners, talking about anything and everything to do with Architecture…..

Before I get onto posting my thoughts, likes, dislikes and dreams on the wonderful world of architecture, I thought I better explain to you why I think I am qualified to share my views with you….

 I have now practiced architecture internationally for 20 years, where I have worked all over the world on some fantastic projects that cover master planning, infrastructure and individual buildings. My real passion, however, is for environmentally sensitive design. And by that I don’t mean the ‘green wash’ I mean genuine sustainable design from concept to completion! In addition I have also spent time developing my knowledge in off-site manufacturing, emerging technologies and in particular adopting technologies from automotive, naval and aviation sectors for use in the architectural sphere.

 We live in a very exciting time, in an era of overwhelming information and counter-information. Here, I will explore my passion for the “built environment”. Architecture is one protagonist in the screenplay that creates cities, in fact, recent statistics state that currently more than half the world’s population live in cities, within the next quarter century, 75% of the world’s population will live in cities! This mass urbanization is so unprecedented, that we really do need intelligent, innovative solutions to create new modes of operation.

Reflecting on the past is a very useful way of understanding what has happened, but it is not necessarily a very good guide to the future. Here I will be speculating, exploring and finding clues that give us a glimpse into possible futures!


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