Conran: Staff Pick of the Month: no 1 – Bryony Akehurst

Bandied around the building for the last few years, our ‘Pick of the Week’ email has become a bit of a talking point. And now it’s here by popular request – albeit in monthly form (for now!)

The idea is that we work our way through the staff list alphabetically, each person in turn picking something that they have spotted, to do with design- love it, admire it, or just plain hate it.

As she’s an ‘A’, Graphic Designer Bryony Akehurst from  Studio Conran get’s the first spot…

If you’re anything like me you are constantly finding inspiration/research on the internet and either screengrabbing them for later or mentally filing the website only to never find it again…


Thanks to a website called

…which allows you to download images from the web directly into your own scrapbook where you can tag them in your own memorable way for an easy search later.

This website also lets you search rather handily for moodboards that have already been created in the ‘community’ section.

Here’s an example of one made for ‘geometry’

Bryony – Clear Desktop – Akehurst


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