Conran: Terence supports The Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund

On Tuesday The Evening Standard launched their £1m Dispossessed Fund encouraging Londoners to unite to tackle inequality in the capital.

The bold headlines, dramatic statistics and thought provoking stories of Londoners living lives way below the poverty line struck an immediate chord with people all over our city.

Yesterday’s front page highlighted the instant and overwhelmingly positive reaction with donations already flooding in from generous Londoners everywhere….and our Terence was among them…

London is a city that millions of us are proud to call home but, as the Standard revealed, there is a shocking side to our great capital — a desperate level of poverty that we are not always quick to recognise and acknowledge.

This inspiring campaign can be a bold step towards dramatic change. The lucky ones should do something. I will.”


Donate Here



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2 responses to “Conran: Terence supports The Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund

  1. re: The London Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund sounds like a jolly good idea but I am not impressed with the organisation and don’t think it’s been thought through. I run Outsiders, a charity for isolated disabled people to make friends, support each other and find partners. We thought the scheme could fund us reach more disabled people in London. However, the scheme does not tell applicants that their charity must focus on one borough, not be London-wide. I can’t find anywhere to complain, sorry, but thought you might be able to do something? Utterly frustrated. Tuppy

  2. Hi Tuppy
    We’ve passed on your comments to our contacts at The Standard…and hope you get some good news soon…keep up the excellent work and best of luck with it.

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