Conran: Up on the roof

Next Monday the ‘Designed by Conran’ team (that is the people here at CONRAN who mastermind Conran’s collaboration with cult German cafe-retailer Tchibo) are off for a working session at Tchibo HQ in Hamburg.

The teams generally get together every few months and last time the Tchibo team came over they were taken for a very special dinner – on the first night of the Summer opening of the Boundary Rooftop bar and grill in Shoreditch.

Here’s what Maren Borkowski, Tchibo’s Marketing Manager had to say:

“The city view is fantastic and what I love is the choice: just sit relaxed on a sofa for a drink or have a proper (excellent!) dinner.

Don’t miss the “petit pot au chocolat”–girls: please share!

In  total a great concept: bar, café, restaurant, shop & rooftop–all you need for a neighbourhood location…

Dear all from CONRAN: Congratulation for this exceptional place and thank you for the great hospitality!”

Of course the months have moved on since then and the sun is shining brighter than ever (hopefully!) for the weekend but we thought we couldn’t let the week close without another recommendation for the weekend.

So it’s also the perfect venue from which to savour this weekend’s Shoreditch Festival

If you can’t be bothered to take to the streets sup a cool something on the rooftop while the sounds of classical, jazz and improv whirl their way up to you.


Shoreditch Park
London N1 6TA

16-18 July 2010, 29 July 2010


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