Conran: a visit from The Fins…

Mikael Silvanto, a young designer from Finland, recently came into our offices to meet some of the studio conran team among others. We just love his work so we thought we would ask him for a short piece about what he was doing here…

The radio has just got be everyone’s favourite.

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Roger Mavity, the CEO of Conran, and his team at their London HQ. It’s always a pleasure to meet charismatic people, but it’s double the challenge if the man in question wrote a book about making an impression. A great book I might add, called Life’s a Pitch.

Roger quite recently visited Finland as a keynote speaker and gave a 45 minute earful, of the most interesting and convincing kind. The sort of beautifully balanced show, that takes an English gentleman of experience and intellect, years of experience and superb real-life stories to deliver. I confess on buying the book the same evening and even reading it within the next few days.


At the same event, there were 20 selected Finnish companies from the creative industries. We were given the opportunity to make a 4 minute pitch each – with a few more years of experience, perhaps I will get my own 45minutes! Instead of raving about the greatness of my company, I showed a series of weird images of what makes Finland uniquely democratic, bland, yet creative. This was followed by quick images of a few projects we’ve done at aivan! ltd.


I think Roger rather liked my presentation, odd sense of humor, a radio I’ve designed, or a combination of all three, as he invited me to come and visit Conran HQ.


Thanks Roger and welcome back to Finland anytime!


And here’s the radio in question, and to compliment it, the view from my office in february.

Here’s more about Mikael at


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