Conran: Sad Terence, Happy Terence

A couple of interesting bits of publicity this week regarding our Chairman.

Terence has been in the news again this week after writing a letter to The Times expressing his disappointment about the newly unveiled Olympic mascots.

Terence is incredibly passionate about his role as a UKTI business ambassador for the creative industries and regularly hosts discussions and events around the world to champion British industry so is very well placed to comment.

His letter got the bloggers tweeting, with first Andy Bloxham and thenTim Walker picking up the story from The Telegraph. But Terence really does have a point, how can a country that leads the way in global creativity and innovation accept such mediocrity as the symbols of the Olympics in London when the whole world will be watching us? In his government role as creative business ambassador for the UK what does he say as he hands out Olympic mascots around the world? As Arthur Nowr says in the feedback section, just tell them “it was not your eye, dear.”

But what makes Terence happy?

A while ago, the excellent Ideas Illustrated approached the press office asking Terence to contribute to their “Happy” issue.

Alongside luminaries such as Vic Reeves, Julie Verhoeven and Alan Yentob, he was asked to pick a playlist of ten songs that make him happy and Ideas Illustrated would commission an illustrator to bring it to life.

Terence’s “Happy Playlist” included What a Wonderful World, Mellow Yellow, On the Sunny Side of the Street, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Louis Prima’s Buena Sera and The In Crowd by Ramsey Lewis.

The resulting illustration, by Jack Teagle, can be seen below and users of Spotify can listen to it here:




3 responses to “Conran: Sad Terence, Happy Terence

  1. Jackie T

    Conran Mascots? These were designed by Conran?!
    Anyway, seems like NY mag editors across the pond agree. They do seem…awkward.

  2. Alfred

    Never mind the mascots, I love Sir Terence’s picture!

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