Conran Picnic range now on sale!

Tchibo are a cult German coffee house brand with a difference. They’ve been going for over 60 years and have 1000 stores in Europe and beyond selling everything from coffee products to shower curtains.

They work in a pretty unusual way offering, as they put it,  ‘A new experience every week’.

That’s right: Every week a new range of product. Get it now or it’s gone!

It’s one of those places you pop into for a latte and come out with a shopping bag full of things you never knew you needed. How could you have lived so long without those tablelcoth weights and that nutmeg grinder?

Conran have been designing exclusive ranges of product for Tchibo for over 3 years.

Last summer you could get a brand new compact barbeque, pre-planted window box and fun outdoor lights for fabulous al fresco feasts, whilst come Christmas our collection of colourful festive bowls and candles adorned tables all over Europe.

Our  kitchenware ranges have been some of Tchibo’s most successful – so much so that they launched our ‘Hi-tech’ kitchen range earlier this year – complete with award winning digital scales and sleek stainless steel storage jars.

If you’ve missed out so far the good news is our brand new CONRAN PICNIC range has just gone on sale!

Tchibo have recently launched their first year-round collection and it’s designed by CONRAN. The ‘Coffee Competence’ collection has already been so popular most of the products have sold out and they’ve had to order more…

UK customers do not need to be disappointed – Tchibo products are also available online via the European website.

Buy the ‘Designed by CONRAN’ picnic range now. Only available for 1 week!

(scroll down to check out the CONRAN section!)

Carlos Queiros from Studio Conran is Senior Designer on the ‘Designed by CONRAN’ product ranges for Tchibo. He’ll be putting together the first of our “Sketchpad to Shopfloor’ columns talking about how we develop product ranges such as these….check it out next week…

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