Conran Contracts in Milan 2010

Natasha Notara is the only female member of Conran Contracts. Her snazzy stilettos sit stylishly under the desk amid a mass of, admittedly, very finely tailored brogues.

In the last of our reports on Milan 2010, she takes us around the ‘contracts’ best of it…

Being my first time in Milan for the furniture fair I was amazed by the change of this city to accommodate the great Saloni del Mobile. I was also amazed by the amount of crazed furniture obsessive’s (including myself) that stomp throughout  the city during this week of mayhem carrying their tourist maps and clutching their Fiera Tickets to their chests like their life depended on it. After seeing the queues to get them, I soon understood why.

Josh Beach, our Head of Contracts and I began our day on Via Tortona, home to Super Studio and many small garages turned into exhibition spaces for the up and coming furniture designers and graphic artists. The area is such that even though it is one main road, there are passageways leading off with young artists hanging out on the sun soaked streets. At some point Josh and I stumble upon a furniture/art/knitting exhibition going on where part of an art install had a functioning candy floss machine, churning out clouds of spun sugar and encouraging  one to eat the install to help create the art – I didn’t need much encouragement.

Further down we saw some fantastically original pieces, one of my favourite discoveries being two designers from The Hague:

Tiddo de Ruiter,

In Super studio we met with the Tom Dixon guys where they showed us a new chair they thought would work perfectly for Contracts:

Once at the fair itself we headed straight to Vitra and had to fight through the crowd to get on to the stand –  Josh’s crutches came in very handy…

This year Vitra was showing off some new additions to their brand, the Suita Sofa range by Antonio Citterio, the new size of the ever popular Eames Lounge Chair, the upholstered version of the Eames Plastic chair and Chairless.

As Vitra is usually a one stop store (with its accessories as well as furniture) it was great to see that they had taken this chance to add some more quirky vintage styling pieces and the result was a very at home feel.

Here I am trying out the Chairless by Vitra. As you see it’s basically a giant elastic band that you put around you. Very zen.

At Kartell we saw the new products from Starck. These are great pieces for the Contract market; durable, instantly recognisable and they won’t break the budget.

Next we moved on to Magis and were lucky enough to meet the designer Thomas Heatherwick and discuss his new product the Spun Chair.

Josh was brave enough to try it out, even though he did seem to keep his eyes closed throughout…

Conran Contracts is our contract furniture and lighting division. They are supplying furniture for the bedrooms, restaurants and the Spa for Hotel Verta, which lands very soon at The London Heliport, and will be the first integrated hotel heliport solution in the world.


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